Saturday, 8 August 2009

Après-coup An Exhibition by Rob Coley


by Rob Coley

This multimedia installation will explore the elusive, protean and fragmented nature of memory. The work has been created and defined through a collaboration with sufferers of dementia, a group assembled from across England. By exploring the strong or significant memories of those for whom recall will become increasingly imperfect, après-coup aims to question the emotional constitution of all memory.

Drawing particularly on psychoanalytic notions and debates surrounding the mutability of the still image, this work considers the degree to which perception takes on meaning retrospectively. The exhibition will further reflect upon the temporality of the still image and its status as a mnemonic device.

Après-coup will be at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre in September 2009. The private show will take place on Friday 11th September from 18.00-21.00 and the installation will be open to the public on Saturday 12th September from 11.00-18.00.

Follow the development of the work and read further updates by visiting or email Rob directly at

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