Monday, 17 August 2009

The Dock - Final Shoot

Tuesday marked the end of my use of a camera for From Concept to Catwalk as Rachael and I completed the final shoot of the summer. Each shoot had it's difficulties, but all were a success. Talking Heads again did the hair and makeup for the shoot which took at Burton Waters Boat Sales. The original idea I had was for the model to stand on the front of a boat with the sky filling the frame behind, but health and safety limits what can be done so I used a dock in the marina to incorporate the water theme once again into the shoot.
Our model Victoria was a pleasure to work with and looked stunning during the beautiful weather we had for the day. (Every outside shoot has been sunny and every indoor one has rained even when I planned the dates weeks in advance) Becca helped again with transportation and moving equipment around, luckily this time she didn't have to get wet.
The next steps before the opening night on Friday, 28 of August is to finish printing the 21 images, edit documentary video of the photo shoots with music, design handout, promote the event and set everything up in the LPAC for Friday. See you there!

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  1. Looks fantastic Scott - I like the way you hold that camera!

    Wish we could be there at your event. I would tell you to take photos, but i imagine that's a given (although, maybe that's the one night you'll take off).