Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tennis Court

Thank you to David Lloyd tennis and fitness centre in Burton Waters for letting us use an indoor tennis court for this shoot. Samantha Iancono of Talking Heads salon did the hair and makeup on this shoot. Our model Emma looked too good to be on a tennis court but we managed to make her fit in.
This shoot I originally had the idea to have the model immersed in a sea of tennis balls, but after Wimbledon I saw plenty of these shots so my idea needed to change. Since we had a tennis court to use, I felt we needed to use the perpendicular lines of the net and boundaries it offered us to work with the outfit. Lighting would also be a huge factor in this shot as to not simply use a very flat and steady white wash, but bring out some contrast in the shadows of the balls and net.
Even though this shoot has offered the most time constraints, I feel I obtained the most useable images from five different poses and two very different lighting setups.

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