Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Shoot Number Two - Creating Rain

Today was the first time we had the opportunity to have Talking Heads Salon in Lincoln do the hair and makeup for our model Amy.  We will be working with Talking Heads on the remainder of the photo shoots, as well as the fashion show on the night of the gallery opening.
We used the second of Rachael's water themed outfits on an old staircase leading to Yarbourough Road in Lincoln.  We created rain (if we had done this shoot a few months ago, we could have used the real stuff) to give the shoot an exciting and different element rather than a model standing on a some steps.  It also proved a new challenge to me by lighting water and a clear umbrella without getting terrible light reflections.  The shoot went well and learned much after the shoot from the day before which moved the lighting ahead much more rapidly.  After standing in a lake as a light stand, Becca had the chance to play rainmaker today.

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