Monday, 11 May 2009

The Concept

The theme for 'From Concept to Catwalk' comes in two parts.  The first is photographically documenting Rachel Hogan in her final semester of her fashion degree at the University of Lincoln as she completes six garments before the fashion show on May 22.  The idea with this is to compile images that will tell the story of what Rachel went through to get the ideas accomplished, from concept, all the way to the catwalk.
The second portion is to take the six garments and find a location that fits each individually, pulling inspiration from each one.  Rachel and I will then stage six fashion shoots throughout the summer which focuses not simply on the garment, but the item in its surroundings.  Photos by Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and Drew Gardner have been some of my inspiration as their images are highly driven by the model's surroundings, not simply a piece of clothing on a body.
The final exhibition on August 28 will be a multimedia experience with traditional prints, interactive slideshows, High Definition projections and a fashion show. 

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